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They call me Captain Rob! I am a 25 year old writer, musician, and collector, as well as the bearded baby of The Nerd Wars Podcast. I grew up watching un-dubbed/un-subtitled raw bootlegs of Japanese television shows, playing Dungeons and Dragons, and watching old sci-fi shows. I began reading at a very early age thanks to comic books and manga and have since obtained a massive collection of science fiction/fantasy/western/adventure novels written before I was born. I continue to watch cartoons, buy toys, and generally be a man-sized kid. I was the official “gamer” and tournament organizer of the comic shop I helped run for 5 years, where I fell deeper into the realm of card games (especially Legend of the Five Rings and Magic: The Gathering). My love of history, sci-fi, and toy collecting has lead me to the passion of miniature war games of all flavors (special enfaces on Warmachine/Hordes).
I love music, Tokusatu, Anime, Tabletop Gaming, the “other” comic publishers (Image, Dynamite, Dark Horse, IDW, Zenoscope, Bongo, etc) all things science fiction (especially Doctor Who and Star Trek), dark beer, using parentheses, and pizza. I’m here to talk about most of those and probably little else.



I’m Meg Boogie…Also known as “The Girl” because I’m the least nerdy nerd who participates on this website/podcast. I am married to Captain Rob and we are the parents to two human children (Peyton & Milo), two cat children (Lily & Tonks) and one monster of a dog child (Furiosa the Blue Heeler). I am netflix obsessed…binge watching might be my only real hobby. My intro into the nerdom began around 2007 when I met the Captain and it started with Doctor Who and Star Wars. It’s all been down (up?) hill from there! I love photography,  I’m a huge fan of The Vampire Diaries, Chuck, Big Brother and Harry Potter…it’s also quite possible that I’m a crazy cat lady. I love romantic comedies, but I’m also a huge fan of not so romantic comedies. I have watched the first three Scream movies probably 100 times each. I curse like a sailor and I’m not very lady-like most of the time. That’s probably all there is to know about me. Aside from podcasting with Rob about random stuff we feel like talking about, I will occasionally write articles bitching about TV shows.



I am 27 and live in Avon, Indiana with my wife Brooke and two kids, Kal-El and Harley Quinn. I’ve read comics my whole life, primarily DC Comics but have a great deal of knowledge on the Marvel side as well. I’ve always had a massive interest in technology, a trait I share with the rest of the Nerd Wars guys, but I also enjoy learning about science. Everything from physics to biology, I’m into it so it would only make sense that when we created the Nerd Wars, I took on the technology, science, and comic book roles in the group. Steve also discusses comics, but we’ve found that while we typically step into each other’s territory a bit, he loves Marvel more, whereas I stick to the DC side. Like the rest of the Nerds, I also adore video games and play as often as I can, which never feels like enough. My weakest point in nerddom is probably tabletop gaming. I had never been into it much until meeting Steve who introduced me to his group of friends so I could play my first pen and paper game. They taught me Pathfinder, and I’ve been in love ever since.



Billy Whittaker covers video and tabletop games. He didn’t write his own “About Us” blurb so Rob did. Rob is so great.











Steve here! I’m the old man of the bunch, sitting at the ripe old age of 29. I was born in California, but have lived in Indiana my entire life. I fell in love with comic books and superheroes very, very early on and I’ve been a comic nerd every day of my life since then. While Logan has primarily been a DC guy, I’ve always made mine Marvel! Weirdly enough, though, my favorite hero is Batman…mostly because he is a Marvel character in spirit. My two other specialties you’ll be seeing from me are movies and TV. I have a weird, innate ability to absorb more media than my time should allow, and am constantly browsing through IMDB just to learn more about what I’m watching. Yup, I’m one of those people. There isn’t a movie I won’t watch (besides Twilight), nor a TV show that I won’t at least give a shot. This might be due to the fact that I’m the only Nerd Wars member without little mini-me’s running around my house, so I have a little more time to watch what I want.

If I had to pick what my weakest area would be in what we cover, it would probably be video games. There are a lot of games that I play, but I normally don’t dedicate as much time to it as some of the crew… especially when it comes to MMOs.

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