The Lore Keeper’s Codex

The Lore Keeper’s Codex

The Nerd Wars Podcast Network is proud to present a brand new show: 


Long time listeners/readers of the Nerd Wars have undoubtedly picked up on Logan and Captain Rob’s obsession with the history of the fictional worlds we spend so much time in. While some people run through games like Mass Effect like it’s an “alien killer simulator”, we were stopping to read every codex and paying exceptionally close attention to the dialogue of every NPC we can interact with. While many in the local game group have only a passing knowledge of the “fluff” behind our miniature games, we’ve spent more time reading the books than playing the games. Now we will finally be putting this knowledge to good use as we dive deep into the lore of our favorite video games, tabletop games, movies, and television shows. 
Somewhere between a college history course and a tipsy barroom conversation, whether you are just as obsessive as we are or are looking for a crash course in what you may have missed, The Lore Keeper’s Codex promises to be the best podcast we can offer this side of a Sith holocron. 


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