Ripped Vest: New Lordi Video – Hug You Hardcore

Ripped Vest: New Lordi Video – Hug You Hardcore

Lordi is a Finnish band that dress in monster outfits and play old-school hard rock and heavy metal. I really enjoy these guys (mostly their older output, admittedly) and I’ve made it a habit of defending them from friends who call them names like “Diet GWAR” and focus heavily on the lamer, cheesier aspects of the quirky Finns. It has become harder and harder to defend these guys the farther away we get from “The Monsterican Dream” and “The Arokalypse” with fairly mixed offerings every couple of years since then. That brings us to the first single off of their upcoming album Monstereophonic (Theaterror vs. Demonarchy) and it’s accompanying video.

WARNING: Don’t watch with little kids in the room


I can’t defend the lame lyrics or the cheesy performance footage that is juxtaposed with graphic imagery seemingly for the sake of being “extreme”. I was waiting for the song to kick into high gear and hook me in, but that catchy, fun moment that I want from Lordi never came. I expected a twist or satisfying story resolution to the explicit moments of the video, but that moment never came either.

It would be so simple to add in a key change for the final chorus with layered high harmonies (a la Kids Who Wanna Play With The Dead) after a ripping solo. While that is going on have the band turn the tables in the video and kick in the door and have the predators become the prey as Lordi kills everyone.

Lordi could go a fresh way and try something new, or go back and be the catchy, epic, but ultimately fun band they used to be. Instead they are continuing as a watered down and tired parody of themselves. In a year stacked with great releases this looks to have little chance of standing out at all.

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