NERD WARSmachine’s Minions Mania 2016: UPDATE 1

NERD WARSmachine’s Minions Mania 2016: UPDATE 1

Minions MKII Cover_0

As a reminder, Captain Rob (myself) and Logan have made a commitment to go all in on Minions this year, culminating in my big plans for Gencon 2016. I am playing the Thornfall Alliance’s pig army, lead by the mad scientist Doctor Arkadius, while Logan is playing the Blindwater Congregation’s gator army lead by Bloody Barnabas.

After cleaning, assembling, and planning some customized modifications, we finally put some paint on these models! First on the showcase will be my little piggies, the War Hogs.

Napoleon front

Napoleon side

This is my main man Napoleon, who has very little in the way of modifications or coloring. He is more fleshy in his basing than the books recommend, but I like this a bit more than the darker brown of the traditional Ferrow skin. He has a small hole drilled through his axe to allow for razor wire to be looped in and around his weapon for added brutality. Like all the models you will see in this post, this is simply a base coaght and a work in progress, but I like the direction he is starting in.

Aleksandr front

Aleksandr sideNext up is Aleksandr, the War Hog with the Khador vibe. It may not translate well in these pictures, but his flesh is a slightly different tone than his buddy Napoleon. Aleksandr’s paint mix had more Khadoran Flesh in the mix. He also has an all together unique tone on his right arm, having been sewn on from Menoth knows what. He is the one with a lot more customization going on already, and will have even more in the future. So far his right hand and axe have been replaced with that of a Juggernaut warjack of Khador (go figure) to match the helmet dangling at his side and he also has a Khadoran Devastator’s spiked head plate as a make-shift pauldron on his shoulder. his paint scheme will continue with his aesthetic from the motherland.

Pig head

Both pig’s heads are almost identical for now, baring the slight skin tone variation, but I’m thinking of changing one of their tusks or in some other way differentiating their heads. One will probably have a white cataract eye underneath the face gash.


Spitter 1

Spitter 2

First for Logan is his Ironback Spitter. For this cryptodira creature he went with the traditional paint scheme and in my opinion it is starting off quite well.

Wrassler 1

Wrassler 2

Wrassler 3

With his Blackhide Wrastler he tried a new technique that neither of us have tried. He did a series of down stroke dry-brush runs followed by a thin blue coat that lets greens and purples show through. The pattern is a bit less consistent than he wanted. Being his first attempt this is understandable. Of all of them this is the one most likely to be changed by the next update, whether that be by him making adjustments or “pulling a Logan” and stripping him repeatedly until he gets him just right. Either way, the finished model should look superb.


Last we get Barnabas in blue. As with his other blue gators I am looking forward to seeing what these boys will look like at the finish line.

Make sure to see what else we do as updates continue throughout the year. And find me at Gencon 2016 to see me and all the fun I have planned!

-Captain Rob

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